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All about prostatitis

Reasons and causes of prostatitis

Sexually transmitted diseases, stress, immunodeficiency, addiction (alcohol abuse), sedentary lifestyle (sedentary work), prolonged sexual abstinence, frequent constipation.

Prostatitis occurs in 50% of men over the age of 30, but can occur much earlier between the ages of 18 and 20. And the reason for this may not be a cold or sitting on ice (despite the fact) although these factors can also lead to prostatitis) / It is enough to lead a sedentary lifestyle, mainly traveling by car and not having a long-term partner. If all of the above factors are present, then you definitely have prostatitis. Another is how it will manifest: it can be chronic, barely noticeable, or lead to an unbearable pain. However, all patients had symptoms of prostatitis such as decreased libido and weak erections.

Symptoms of prostatitis

Some of the main symptoms of prostatitis include: pain in the perineum, lower back, pain when urinating, more than 12% of patients have pain during sex. If you notice any of these symptoms of prostatitis, you should see your doctor because proper and prompt prostatitis treatment is the key to a successful recovery.

The main symptoms of prostatitis

  • pain in the perineum or lower abdomen.
  • frequent and painful urination.
  • potency problems and decreased libido.
  • discomfort in the perineum after intercourse.

The first symptom of prostatitis – difficulty urinating – should be a good reason to visit a urologist. Prostatitis causes urethral stricture, leading to urinary incontinence.

How dangerous is prostatitis?

In the absence of qualified treatment, the typical consequence of prostatitis is sexual dysfunction – impotence, ejaculation disorders (especially – rapid ejaculation). Prostatitis can be chronic. Chronic prostatitis can lead to kidney stones and sperm deficiency can lead to infertility.

Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis has been known for a long time and has always been considered an incurable disease. Fortunately, it can be cured! Chronic prostatitis is an overlooked inflammatory condition. It is manifested by dysuria, sharp pain in the perineum and groin, sexual dysfunction. This form of prostatitis occurs with periodic periods of exacerbation and remission.

The most common is chronic bacterial prostatitis. This is usually the result of repeated or untreated acute urethritis, which can be caused by more than 20 species of bacteria, the most common of which are chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma. These infections are united by the rarity and short-term clinical manifestations. Usually, this manifests as itching in the tube during urination. Very quickly, these ascending bacteria invade the prostate, where they find the ideal conditions to feed them.

In the past, prostatitis was considered harmless to health, today it turns out to be a completely wrong view. It is necessary to treat at least chronic prostatitis because this disease presents many complications for men. Therefore, it is important to treat each case individually according to the patient’s age, medical history, and stage of the inflammatory process.

Prostatitis treatment

It is a mistake to assume that taking one or two drugs is enough to cure prostatitis. It is a complex and multifunctional process. After the necessary examination, the urologist and the internist choose an individual program that includes antibiotic therapy, herbal medicine, immunomodulatory drugs, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, and other measures. preventive measures.

Treatment of prostatitis requires a lot of attention from a doctor. A “miracle pill” or a “miracle cure” for prostatitis does not exist. The treatment of prostatitis must always be complex.

Around the world, men are no less concerned with their health than women. Every self-respecting man, after 25 years, at least once a year for prevention should consult a specialist and undergo examinations, and treat prostatitis if necessary set. If you have any health problems, dear gentlemen, do not delay seeing a specialist. Prostatitis can be successfully treated when treatment is started early.

It’s no coincidence that doctors call the prostate the heart of a man. In this chestnut-like organ is concentrated all the natural male power. The prostate is located at the crossroads of the urinary and genitourinary systems, so any damage to any of these systems can affect your sex life and cause painful urination.

But the most annoying thing is that all prostate diseases happen gradually and unnoticed. A man can experience discomfort for years in the perineum and lower abdomen, complaining of erectile dysfunction, without knowing that the problem is related to prostate disease.


Physiotherapy is absolutely necessary: ​​electrotherapeutic, laser prostate massage, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs and substances that strengthen human immunity. Acupuncture is another useful method in the treatment of prostatitis.

An integrative approach to prostate treatment

Only an integrative approach can guarantee “cure” and not: treatment. But after two or three months, the man has to see the doctor again, and all this is not so cheap. Therefore, the treatment of prostatitis should be treated as a disease, but always keep in mind that in recent years many experts have assumed that prostatitis is not just a disease but a result of lifestyle. our. Therefore, cure is only part of the story, we must also ensure that the harm of our lifestyle is minimized if we want to avoid relapse.

In this regard, patients who have undergone treatment are recommended to give up alcohol and tobacco for a period of 2-6 months after treatment, lead an active life (enough to walk 2-3 km). every day to reduce the negative effects of inactivity), play sports, spend more time outdoors, protect yourself from stressful situations and above all maintain a regular sex life.

Patients with a history of prostatitis should be followed up by a urologist for an additional two years. Every 6 months in spring and autumn should go for an ultrasound check to avoid recurrence and aggravation of the disease.

Today, doctors have enough experience to successfully treat complex forms of prostatitis. Male urologists are successful in treating advanced forms of prostatitis and chronic prostatitis.

Remember that prostatitis can be cured. It is important to treat prostatitis, as the disease not only affects you but also your girlfriend and causes a big problem in conceiving a child.

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